Sunday, March 30, 2008

Upcoming discussion: Animal Detectives

Next month we will be meeting to discuss “Animal Detectives.” The fans of Three Bags Full: a sheep detective story will finally get a chance to explain why they like it and we should read it. I’ve read the starred reviews, and I still don’t get it. If you are also skeptical, you may read about one of the many cat or neo-cat detectives, or get braver still and try out a dinosaur detective. One of our members had just started Anonymous Rex by Eric Garcia, and she had us in stitches explaining how “like the vampire, they have been with us always…” Here’s the first of Amazon’s blurb (being of the mind that you have to read it to believe it):

For Los Angeles private eye Vincent Rubio, the idea of having a tail means a lot more than being followed. Vincent is a velociraptor, one of those little dinosaurs who caused so much panic in Jurassic Park. He keeps his tail tightly strapped up in the special latex costume that he wears to make himself look human.

Well, you get the picture. Sort of.

Here’s the list of animal detectives we’ve tracked down so far. You get extra points if you find one we’ve missed. Just remember these aren’t sidekicks or “mere” pets, these animals do the actual detecting on purpose.

Cottage Tales series by Susan Wittig Albert

Big Mike series by Garrison Allen

Canapés for the Kitties by Marian Babson

Freddy the detective series by Walter R. Brooks (yes, we know it’s juvenile)

Hank the Cowdog series by John R. Erickson (another really juvenile series)

Mrs. Murphy series by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown

Midnight Louie series by Carol Nelson Douglas

Vincent Rubio series by Eric Garcia

Joe Grey series by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann


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